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measures in place like limited access. flif sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a new abc news washington post poll shows support for stricter gun control at a five-year high. 54% want stricter laws. 59% support a ban on ammunition clips and 52% want a ban on semi automatic handgun autos classes resumed in two south bay schools shut down because of a bomb threat directed as a teacher. classes resumed atmonta vista high school. kept them closed on fridayhmzx├▒, and they had a call to reopen following the arrest of the 16-year-old suspect. parents face difficult time explaining thing owes to their kids. >> this is a very delicate. have you to explain it to kids. they cannot understand the details that, you know? in their minds. so in a way that safety is necessary. they have been doing good work. >> police say the 16-year-old confessed to claiming a bomb was blais plaised on campus. no device was found. the teenager faces felony charges in juvenile court. >> now, abc 7 news will continue to cover the shooting traj dmi newtown as it unfolds. at 5:30 on world news a closer look at the two adu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1